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Carol H.

I enjoyed "Scary Hope." I'm curious enough to be with you on this "Fuzzy Hope" journey/safari. (Wondering if making the fuzzy more clear will be scary?)


I'm really looking forward to this. I read through Scary Hope and God used it lead me to take a huge step of faith. One that I an grateful for everyday.

However I know there's more to the story and I'm kind of stuck there. Can't wait to see how God uses this series.


Carol -- thanks! My fuzzy's still fuzzy AND scary. So good luck!


Thanks for the encouragement Connie -- there's always another step.

Kcolbus 0815

This was a complete fluke that I read this book on my Kindle. I have a drinking problem and I read your other book. I kept searching for stories about others who have the same experiences. I liked your first book so much that I ordered this one. It had to be a God thing. I am unemployed right now, so I can really think about what I want, not just what I need to do to make the rent. I have enough money till March. I love to help people and I admit, I am more of a homebody and I love to be on the net. That is very fuzzy. Part of it is the drinking that keeps me alone. But, even before, I was a homebody. Wish I could combine the two or work on the computer from home. Anyway, love the book and the blog. Hook up with Facebook, so I can share. :)

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