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Oh, Gary! You don't know how much I needed to hear this today. Thanks for doing your "assignment". I'm going to chill and get busy on mine. :)

Laura Boggess

(...pant, pant) keep up with me, will ya?

:) enjoyed this. tremendously.


Oh, wow. I needed this today. I love, love, love this statement... 'Did you ever think that he limited your ability so he could make up the difference?' For some reason that just stuck in the deepest part of my spirit today...in a good, reassuring way. Thanks...

JOY Tuggy

So is there a way I can repost this on FB? Thanks for the great reminder, Gary!!! What an encouragement!!!!


I love that - "not your own idea" - "didn't make yourself up" - - wow! I was in desperate need of a new way to look at myself. Thank you:)


This message was from God --through you-- to me. I used to run. I'm afraid of running now. Why? Lots of reasons and no reason. I'm afraid of failing, I'm afraid it will hurt, I'm afraid I'll ???? I'm just afraid every time I think of it. This is horrible...because I can remember how good running makes me feel. This is definately spiritual warfare keeping me down. I need to "CHILL" and "RUN". Dear Lord...help me do it.

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