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I think everybody in the whole world should read this! Doesn't this apply to everyone and every situation?



This is a great post! So perfectly said I think I need to share this with my adult children, and just about everyone else :) Thanks

Kara@The Chuppies

This is SOOOO good.
And so true.

JOY Tuggy

Excellent! Is there a way that I can post this on my FB?



Thank you Mrs.B! Appreciate it.


Brooke -- thanks so much for the kind words


Kara -- Appreciate it. Don't you get tired of making decisions based on the basement?


Joy -- just copy the address and link to it like you do any other post on FB. Thx for the encouragement.

Stephen Martin

Once you get to the basement, as you inevitably will, it's all in how you look at it. The basement can be a hidden, unsightly space. It's also the foundation of the house. Without spending time there, it's hard to build anything worthwhile.

The Ordained Barista

This is great stuff. I love the line about discovering that the person you love has a BASEMENT! We all do, and it's part of life. Life really gets good when we acknowledge the mess in each others lives and love in spite of the mess!Keep up the great work, Gary!


vicki Bucy

This is very good information for us all to ponder ... whether old or young. We all appreciate the good things but fail to realize that without the basement we can't have the rest of the house.

Thanks Gary.

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