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Joy Manoleros

This made me laugh! Keep preaching it. :D


I love this! So true.

amber peters

I love your words of wisdom.

vicki Bucy

This is such a wonderful way to express that need we all have to hide our imperfections. I can say that since I made the effort to reveal my imperfections to people, I have made more friends than I have in my whole life. I've always been a friendly and likeable person, but once I felt comfortable revealing my true self imperfections and all, the friends and closeness came rolling in.

Thanks. I'll be using your "everyone holds a pee cup" regularly.


I love the way you break things down. Thank you!


ohhhh, what a BREATH Of FRESH air...Thank you!!! Now I really can BREATHE???? :)

Melody of ChattyChics.com

Love. this. Amazing. Our sermon yesterday was on being the first to extend grace. Then today I see this (found you through the Nester) so obviously the Lord wants this in front of me.
The pee cup does suck. However, you should try going through pregnancy. There. are. some. really. embarrassing. things. that. happen. :) Grace is good.
PS I know both your daughters. They are both so amazingly sweet and talented. You did a great job! :)


Oh that's great, just had to do that very thing recently, ha!


Is it okay if I laughed at this post? Nice dose of reality.

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