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Oh my, this one makes me think about expectations - I've been hoping and planning and thinking about New York City - I think especially women struggle with changes (or perceived changes) in the plan/destination. And we assume so many things - that we'll grow old with our spouses, that we'll get to see our kids grown and married, that no one will betray us, that our houses are safe. So many things that are all in God's hands and in his plan, but that we have no guarantee of. Misplaced hope can be devastating. Even when hoping the truth (God), we can mourn for what we expected the plan to be.

Wow, didn't realize I felt so strongly! I'll be done now, or go write this post on my own blog!

Joy Manoleros

The first time I read this was quick... food for thought. It's been niggling in the back of my brain ever since, reappearing in the most inconvenient of moments. I've worked on my degree on and off for 30 years. Graduation is FINALLY on the horizon, in May... and I've wondered if it's really how i'm supposed to use my art. I don't know. But I've had this inkling that maybe what it all LOOKS like isn't really its true purpose. Now I'm waiting and watching... holding loosely to the final destination...

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