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Shelley Johannes

Awesome. Nothing better than hearing someone's story of the power of God in their life. And how he can bring true change. There is nothing more debilitating than believing things will always be the same, that there is no hope. But thankfully, there always is.


Wow. Thanks so much for sharing your story. To think, it could have an impact on so many people.


Shelley -- Stories of change inspire me, too, and shape my expectations and perspective.


Jen -- we've all got a story; we just share and the Lord decides how to use it. Thx


Thank you for your story. My husband was a functional alcoholic as well. I am not sure how long he drank. I do know that at the end he drank 22 beers a day and I didn't know that he was drunk. Right before the end, he cheated on our sweet little family and almost destroyed our farm, marriage and family. He never lied about the drinking but never told the truth either. One day he realized that he was an alcoholic and quit. He has been sober over 4 years and our life has improved greatly. We have put our marriage and family back together. Each day is a step in the right direction. People can change. I have witnessed it. I witness an amazing thing every day. Thanks again for sharing. It means a lot. : )

Abbie Knaub

It's so hard to believe that MY problem, MY issue could just be gone like that. But there's your story. And God works in his way and his time. If I let him. I want to let him.

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Nice, and thanks for sharing this info with us.Good Luck!

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