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i'm so excited your doing 31 days!


I'm not a dude, but I'm subscribed and reading along! :) Hugs to you, Mr. Gary.


I'm glad you are doing this 31 day thing. I'll be reading.



That first part made me laugh. :) Then I got to the rest and I LOVE your topic. Can't wait to see the rest of your 31 days!

emily freeman

When I write, I feel alive. When I talk with women and people about grace, it gives me energy. When I don't write and don't talk about grace, I feel wilty.

I think your topic and my topic this 31 days would totally play together on the playground and then invite Annie Downs' 31 days of courage over to play after school. Love it.


Melissa -- me too! I think!


Annie -- will you be glad to come home or could you stay lots longer?


Jody, Georgia -- thanks!


Emily -- ...and fall down, and our knees get bloody, and we get mad and fight, and eat a grape popsickle

Abbie Knaub

Hmm. I keep hoping one day I'll discover my passion ... it might be getting people - especially women - to connect. Or raising kids. At least that's what all my time and energy currently go to.


I am days behind on reading in the series but I had to comment. I've struggled with this drive to create and contribute. I've always felt that the things I create are not of heavenly value. God has certainly been working with me on this and your post drives His point home.

Let me explain - I scrapbook, quilt and crochet. I enjoy these things immensely and have, what I say to be, a God given talent for them. My thinking is, these are worldly things but God shows me, time and again, that He has called me to create in this way. He is amazing!

Joy Manoleros

I've been reading every day... and now I'm going back to refresh. So glad you jumped right into the middle of scary!!

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