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I'm so glad you are joining in the mob of great women. Can't wait to read your series! And don't worry, I'll only write a few decorating posts here while you are out of the country.

Round World

Truthfully, sometimes the hopes are scary to let come to the surface. They are scary to name. I wrote about this on my anonymous blog - how I need to draw a map with hope about my older son who has autism. He is 18 and we have so many things to teach him - to prepare him to live on his own after we are gone.

Kristen @ Joyfullythriving

Oh, how I understand what you said! "Once you have hope, you're scared of it happening, and scared of it not." I'm looking forward to reading and participating in this series with you!


THis is great. So much to mull over. Thank you.


I really like your blog so I'm glad you're participating in this. I can totally relate to what you're saying so I'm looking forward to reading more....and being encouraged. Thank you.

Kathleen Grace

I have come to comment more than once and not been able to! Thanks for enabling comments:>) I read your posts all the time, share them with friends and love your insight into life. A friend and I were just shareing about the scariness of actually changing our lives and folloowing dreams. We all love our little rut. Thanks for this post. Yeah, I want to be healed.


Nester -- Maybe I'll give the password to Emily instead :)


Round -- Wow -- you're facing it and talking about it out loud. On your blog, I'd name your son, even if it's not his real name; or it could be a nickname. 'A' loses impact. Your adventure of drawing your own map could really help others.


Kristen -- Great! Thanks.


Gina -- I'm great at the mulling; the doing is the scary


Nancy -- Great!


Kathleen -- Wonderful; you're welcome.

Glenda Childers

How fun to be blogging with your adorable daughters.

Change is hard. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

31 days of Christmas wonder (#223)

Shelley Johannes

First, that photo with the title "Scary Hope" is awesome. Cracked me up last night when I saw it.
Second, you must be a wonderful father...to have raised and inspired two such inspiring daughters. My 31 days topic is 31 Days to Inspire a Child. You would probably have great advice on the topic. =)

Round World

Thanks for the feedback on naming my son on my blog. I've been reading your blog for a while now and appreciate so much the honesty with which you have shared.

Joy McLaughlin

I love your honesty. For years I said that I liked change, but I came to realize that it was only when it was initiated by me. I liked to control my change. God has a way of tweaking those areas in our life, doesn't He? I look forward to following your series this month. God bless you!


What am I hoping for? Redemption. And a change in mind-set. I'm also hoping to be able to live my life in such a way that people are attracted to my Jesus.


His love is Huge and Peaceful. I knew He loved me but I forgot He wanted to Love "On Me". I hope to remain in a consistent state of His Love and in doing that, share it one.person.at.a.time.

Nice to meet you, Mr. Gary.


I want to learn how to live. Really LIVE! I've been faking it my whole life. Dead on the inside, but trying to look alive on the outside. Jesus is calling me forth to LIVE. But the scary part for me is that I don't know hOw! All I know is the counterfeit. So. There it is. I have hope for real, genuine, passion filled life.

Abbie Knaub

I want my marriage to be real, exciting and amazing. I want my marriage to be real, exciting and amazing! (Oh my, that is scary, and hopeful. Does repeating it really help?)


Love "Do I really want change? No. But I want the thing I hope for." That so acurrately describes what I feel. Also, "It’s possible to be addicted to the status quo." I never thought of it that way.

Great post.


Wow. Did you write that for me or what! Thank you for this great post. I can't wait to read more of your 31 days of scary hope.

I'm hoping to share my story/my testimony in book form. I'm hoping to help others who have been through similar circumstance as me. I'm hoping to lead people who are broken to their Healer and heavenly Father. I'm hoping to encourage other women and young girls in pursuing emotional and physical purity before marriage. I'm hoping to overcome my fears of public speaking and share the gospel with others including what God has done for me. I'm hoping to be a blessing to others and further God's kingdom.

But first, I must have the courage and discipline to sit down and put in the work that writing requires. Like you said, I want to finally put all of my ideas and thoughts that i've had for years onto paper and put it out there for others to read, even though i'm terrified of what they will think. I'm afraid of rejection, judgment, failure, and not living up to the purpose God's calling me to.

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