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Kathy F.

Excellent post and food for thought. Thanks for sharing this.


i'm glad your friend took your advice, that he escaped. That perfection thing, i think it might be some conspiracy, you know? A plot to keep us focused on the bride's flaws, then we don't have to be part of Christ's work to make her perfect for Himself. Could that be right?

Isn't the whole reason she exists to be perfected, to become worthy?

i don't know what a continualist is. Is that something i need to find out? i never saw that in the Bible. Maybe i'm stupid or simple or i should read more books. i'm not sure, but i do know that my Church, the people i worship with, are sincere and genuine, that we pray and study scripture, we practice active discipline, we are responsible to one another as well as to God.

i work there too, on Mondays and Thursdays, then come back on Sunday to see everyone, to sing and study, to hear a message from the Bible and have a big lunch.

i am so weak, but i love it when Paul, who had some problems just like me, says that God loves my weaknesses because anything that makes me weak and small makes God big and strong. If God expects more, He hasn't given me that burden, any conviction to do it all.

i fail a lot, but i think He wants me to be happy to be His, to TRY and to try hard, but He knows i'll never make it, i'll never really get there, not here.

i don't think the "fruit" part happens if we just think about it. Or maybe mine doesn't. i'm not sure.

i think we are supposed to celebrate Him. Maybe your friend will be happier when he joins the party.

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