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Number 4 is really hard for me at times (like i don't struggle with them all) and maybe, for me, is the most dangerous because when i let emotion and feelings like quilt or greed guide my thinking, when i retreat from something just because i think it's hard, i'm sure to be tossed back and forth and never really land or be solid in anything. Emotional influence is a way i take my life back from God and means i am thinking more of the comfort i *think* i can give myself, more of being "happy" (which is a total trick) than of the peace God provides so much better.

i also think obedience and discipline go a long way in bringing about the other three. Not that i have achieved any of them, of course, but then the trip is the thing.

i really liked this entry. It may even earn "posted on the fridge" status (where much wisdom lands eventually).

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