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Thank you so much for sharing your journey. It gives me hope for so many people I love.

(And now I know from where Emily & Nester get their storytelling!)

Mrs. K

Thank you for sharing this story. My husband is an addict. I know it was probably hard for you to write this but I appreciate your transparency and inside look into the mind of an addict. I am still praying for his mentor to come along and what a glorious day it would be if his giant is as big as yours with a chain as long as yours. Be blessed. By the way, your girls turned out great, I follow both of their blogs.


Gary, Every morning in my prayers, I ask God to send me a teacher who will bring me ever closer to Christ. That person is always someone different and sometimes I have to really be paying attention or else reflect back on a situation to realize they were 'it'. HOWEVER, today that person was you (at 6 am). I read your piece from start to finish and it had the weight and recognition of a speeding freight train, no question - you were 'it'. The Holy Spirit is dancing in my heart and I literally have chills. I've bookmarked this piece so that I can reread it, as often as possible. And I will be linking to it in my blog because as many people should be introduced to you, and Christ through you, as absolutely possible. Oh - and I could never hold a candle to you. In His Grip, PJ


What an incredible testimony! I appreciated all of the thoughts and insights you shared, the details. So helpful!


This is beautiful. You have no idea what your words mean to me, to know how God can change a man bound by alcohol. That means there's hope...


Thank you for sharing your story. I found your site through your daughter's sites. I come from a long line of alcoholics. The Lord saved me from that life when I was 18. I have been praying for my Mom, who is a functional alcoholic, for 12 years.

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