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Janet Efird

Thanks for this info.
It is probably my 32 year old son has come back home


I never thought of my kids' whining in this exact POV but I have considered their poor behavior when I'm around (as opposed to their better behavior for other care givers) as a compliment. The way I see my kids trust in my unconditional love. They know that no matter what they do or say I will still love and care for them. With other people, even people they know and love like their grandparents, teachers, etc., they can't quite count on that unconditional and everlasting love. It's as though they need to be on better behavior to have others accept them. I've talked myself into believing that my kids feel safe enough to be their most base selves around me. So when I pick up my kids for a visit to grandma's and my mom says for the nth time "They never act this way until you're here" I just smile inwardly and take it as testimony that my kids know I love them.

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