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Shelley Porter

Thanks, Gary and New Life, after my nervous break down 2 yrs ago this month...now more than ever I needed your words of encouragement. I found your station and that's all I listen to in my car...let me tell you nothing better in life hearing your 8 yr. old singing along to the songs on the way to school!! But for the 1st time my life I was able to face Satan and tell him I'm not scared of you anymore...because thou I walk threw the shadow of death I fear no evil. I can't tell you how many times I said that in the 10 days I was in Piedmont Med. Center. Let me tell you they don't even have bibles in that hospital thought all hospital did??? But right now I need all the prayers I can get...my Grandfather (who raised me) he and my grandmother gave me my faith, is dying of liver cancer and in the hospital and my birth mother is in the ICU with illnesses, my son left 3 days before Christmas last year and I just can't tell you with as much loss I've seen this year (4 family deaths on my husbands side)who I was close to(we've been married for 18 yrs). I just don't know how much more I can take. MY husband who is a disabled Vet. is stressed, my daughter who's 9 with disabilities is stressed. We are very faithful...we attend West Minster Presbyterian Church of Rock Hill. I know the lord won't put more on your shoulders than you can handle but I need these prayers my whole family does!! Thanks and God Bless, Shelley

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