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David Warren

It is good to have a station like New Life that is all about sharing good news. What awaits us in Heaven is one thing, but God wants us to help others while we are here and this video is proof that some people (although not enough) are doing just that.
Keep sharing the good news.

Rev Frederick G Merry

Gary, what a beautiful story. I remember seeing it on the web but not the video. It shows that some people love to win, but put it aside for the correct solution and it was truly done here.


As a softball player of over thirty years, I highly commend these girls. This is the way softball should be. God was always in the center of our games and it is very obvious that he was with these girls. Congratulations Sara! Job well done to Mallory and Shannon. My respect to all of you.




We're all overwhelmed by what these kids did because we know that few people - even Christians - would do the same thing in their place.

Been to any church league softball games lately? You'll regularly see coaches screaming at umpires and players sending their opponents to the emergency room if they block the basepath - all in the name of "Christian sports." (The Savior must be so proud of that little plastic trophy they'll win. After all, they did pray before the game.)

What would happen if Christians everywhere began actually living our faith in everyday life?

Go out of the way to be NICE to the letter carrier, the sales clerk, the waiter, the neighbor - whoever crosses our path today.
That takes real faith.

What these girls did appeared so BIG because most of us demonstrate our own faith in such small ways.

Watch out! I feel an urgent need to run out of here and bless somebody!

Thanks, Gary.

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