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jim mynatt

Very relaxing thanks.

Gene Ahrens

Gary I really like your morning show. I am 60 yrs old, and have been a missionary overseas for over twenty years. My last year over in Papua New Guinea, 2005 my wife of 31 years died there. When my daughter came soon after to help me to come back to the states, she introduced me to "You lifted me up -more then I can be" by Sela. That song has meant much to me. The Lord has blessed me now with a new Godly wife. Her name is Marilyn. Thanks Gary for the idea several mornings ago to get several different valentine cards and then put them at several places where sweetheart will find them. I let my imagination run with that a little and "BOY DID I HAVE FUN WITH THE RESULTS!!!" Briefly I got three cards suspended them from the ceiling on a thread in a speacial place. Marilyn really enjoyed it finding two in the middle of the night. It was great. Thanks Gary

Lord Gary Lord Bless You in your ministry

Gene Ahrens

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