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Leslie did the right thing. I wll do the same, in situations like this!

God bless yuo Leslie, keep going like that and God will give you the big price!

Francisco Arvelo.-


As I watched the anguish on her face last night, I knew exactly what she was feeling. I know she did the right thing. I can't imagine being in her shoes, knowing millions of eyss are on you, but she's doing good.


YAY! Go Leslie!!
We're prayin for ya!

Katie Harmon

This vedio is awesome. I'm so proud of Leslie and what she stood for. It did look like worship to me. I would have probbably did the same thing that Leslie did. I think that it's important to stand up for what you believe in, even if it's not popular.

I'M SO PROUD OF YOU LESLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa Cassady

I was so proud of Leslie when she walked out of the temple. It was a true tetiment to her faith and obedience to our Lord God, and Jesus Christ. I could not have stayed in that temple either. My mother grew up Budaist(Thailand), but was saved before she went to be with Jesus. She gave up her "Idol" and worshiped only one God, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I thanked God when my 11 year old duaughter saw Leslie last night on the show and she said to me and told her friends at the bus stop this morning," The Bible says that you should not bow down to no other Gods."I was so proud of her and to see her faith growing. (She gets it!) Leslie witnessed not only to my daughter, but I hope the world. To other Christians and no-Christians. Thank you Leslie, and thank be to God.

Melissa Cassady

It was such a testiment to the wolrd and especially to my daughter watching Leslie last night, walking out of the temple. I was so proud of her and the obeience and love she had for our lord Jesus Christ. It was more personal because my mother grew up Budist(from Thailand) But, accepted Jesus as her Savior before she joined him. She knew that she could only have one God, and Buda was not it. Thank you Lesie for showing the wold the faith you have in Jesus. Praise be to God!


I am so proud of Leslie! I'm so happy we have a real believer on this show. I just hope that CBS doesn't make her look bad... Go Leslie!! :)


I have not been able to watch leslie on survivor but I'm excited to see that she's making the right decisions and God is proud that she's standing on His word and that's what will keep her throughout this competition! YOU GO GIRL!!!!


I would have known that Buddha is NOT a God. But I guess that is common sense knowledge.


I'm not a big Survivor fan; I've just caught bits and pieces throughout the years. However, I was curious to see Leslie this season. I came upon the show just as they were bowing in the temple, missing what led to this point My first thought was "what in the world will Leslie do?" Like she, even though this was a "welcoming" ceremony, it felt like a type of worship. I was so proud of and pleased with her for taking a stand for her beliefs and not bowing before the idols.


I've never watched survivor but since Leslie was going to be on there I had to see her! I think she displayed christianity in a great way when she walked out of the temple. Though it was said not to be worship they were bowing down. She was respectful and she handled the situation so well! Every word she said I was just like WOW you go Leslie! And although some will be putting her down I know she is a strong woman, and she has others standing behind her 110 percent!! She made me, and Im sure our Lord very proud!

Sondra Booth

Good for you. We were so proud of you for standing up for your Lord. God is proud of his daughter too. Dont let negitave coments hurt you. God's word is the strongest, so stand on it. We need more like you. God Bless


Walking out was huge, but the way Leslie articulated why was awesome. She said exactly the right things. Leslie will do great - standing up for her beliefs in front of the world. Even if CBS tries to make her look bad, I believe God will shine through.

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