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Rowland Bestwina

... he will also be on Bill O'Reilly tonight at 10!!!!

Rev. Douglas Beadle

It doesn't take a faith at all to believe that there is a higher power that put all of life into existence; to understand how the complexities of how all living things and humans came into existence could not just have happened on its own or through evolution. Think about it!

I believe it takes even a greater faith to choose to believe that all we can see, feel, hear, smell and touch (our total being), exist and is what it is is today, and that noone or nothing is or could be responsible for it. If everything evolved from something else, than why are we not still evolving. Was science, in and of itself, able to decide that it doesn't need to evolve anymore and decided to stop? If we evolved from an ameba or such like, than why are we not still evolving into something else. There must be a supernatural being that created everything, for everything has had to come from somewhere, and there must be a higher power in control of it all.
How could a vast universe, as we know it today, simply come into existence and everything stay right where it's suppose to be, simply by accident or on its own power? I feel it's time that we realize we cannot know everything in our finite minds, with all of limitations and admit it, we are not as smart as we think we are. It's time to realize there is a higher power that is omniscient and does know everything!
Even if one chooses not to believe in God, doesn't make Him disappear by any stretch of the imagination.

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