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Rowland Bestwina

It broke my heart to hear about Melissa's passing when you mentioned it this morning as I was getting my children ready for school. I knew Melissa from my days working with her at WBTV... often we would talk about the Lord... she truly was a "light". I recall a story I heard from one of my former colleagues... when the WBTV Station Manager where she worked, went to see her after she was diagnosed, hoping to offer her a bit of encouragement, Melissa was the one doing the 'uplifting' and it was the station manager who walked away encouraged because Melissa knew her Lord and wasn't afraid to let others know what she knew to be true. This told to me by someone who is not a believer. I am hoping and believing that all those who knew her that are "not" believers are taking the time to think a little longer about their own lives and where they might be going when it's all over. Melissa... you will be greatly missed! Your smile and joy indelibly etched in my heart. Your Brother In Christ, Rowland

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