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It goes to show that you NEVER underestimate the power of Christian witness in the public eye. Its scary that he both intellectually understands and can speak to the Christian faith, but he does not believe. so powerful. Thank you for sharing!

Melissa Cassady

Wow! I pray for this young man. He has the intellect, but with out the spirit, it is worthless. With out Christ, it means nothing. I pray for the Holy Spirit to melt his heart, so he may enjoy the total freedom and joy of knowing Christ. I admire his knowledge, but pray for his heart and soul.


wow! how convicting that is. he articulated the position a Christian should take better than most of us ever could. can he preach at our churches this Sunday???

Melissa Cassady

I pray for this young man. I admire his knowledge of what our christianity faith is, but with out faith and acceptance of jesus Christ, it means nothing. I pray for his soul and heart.


Why is he atheist? I think that is a bigger question. He understands what God's Word tells us about our life on earth, but will not accept it. What makes him not want to be the Christian he is descibing? It is interesting how some people so full of knowledge lead such faithless lives, and others with little knowledge and understanding depend completely on faith.


Does he have similar fully knowledgeable assessments of other religions and what their followers 'should' be doing? Just this past Sunday I heard an Awana speaker tell a group of kids & their parents that there's "no such thing as an atheist".. he calls them "delayed believers" since the Word does say that Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord. How true!

Linda Rehmeier

Wow. I had to watch it again to make sure I wasn't missing something. He really seemed to be an advocate for Christianity. I was totally blown away when he stated he was an Atheist. I don't understand why he would take the stance he did, if he didn't believe in God. Is there something about Christians or Christianity that he admired? How could he be so close to the truth and yet not see?


I am embarrassed. What is it that makes a man who doesn't believe, so outspoken about believing... and I am not?
Is he not asking for us to step it up as Christians?
Isn't he calling us cowards....hypocrites?
What WILL it take for us to love each other enough to care who is condemned?
Jesus loved us ALL....not one or two....not the folks that went to church every Sunday.....ALL of us. He died so that we ALL could go to heaven. Not the precious few that fit in the tidy little church box.....I want God to say..."well done, good and faithful servent.."
I do not want to be a coward. I pray for MYSELF....for courage and wisdom. I pray for the ability to touch even one person enough to change their eternity. I pray for us to stand our ground...not to turn in the face of adversity. Isn't this man challenging us to change HIS future?

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