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Paul Durham

I think in the right context this is good advice, however, you can probably understand that if this isn’t taken in the right context, it could be very dangerous for any body of believers.

Say a person wants to change the direction or doctrine of their church, set by the leadership (under the authority of Christ), and they start building a beach-head by assembling a group of people together through one-on-one discipleship relationships, and the pastor and elders or not on the same page with these people, that could lead to confusion and division.

In the proper context, however, the person building the beach-head would be on the same page with the leadership and would have discussed openly everything they are wanting to accomplish, and work incooperation with the leadership to accomplish a spiritually healthy and God glorifying goal.

If they didn’t agree with the doctrine or direction of the church, as set by the pastor/elders and leadership, wouldn’t it be better for them to find a church where they fit, instead of trying to change the one they’re in?

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