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i was listening this morning and when you said that you had thought of a song that reminded you of her i thought of this one as well because so many times i listen to this song and sing out loud-" i am running 100 miles an hour ni the wrong direction" because i have driven myself insane for the past 4 years; the defination of insanity is repeatedly doing the same thing over again expecting different results. and i have done that for the past four years with the different men in my life and my relationships with them. its an easy thing to do to get caught up in a guy that seems perfect, because patience seems to difficult.But you know God always has a purpose for everything that he does in the big picture, and the great thing is that its true His mercy truely is enough....and if we are willing to talk and ask for help he is willing to give it. thanks for all the inspiritional talk and music it REALLY gets me through my day.

Wayne Bogan


I can't thank you enough for posting this information and talking about this on Sunday morning. Sunday morning of all times. :) I heard your comments as I was driving to church. I was teaching a lesson to our class on Dealing with Real Equality that morning. I needed a way to really show how God's love is shared equally amongst all of us - regardless of who we are. Your comments gave me the perfect comparison that I needed. I used Tony Dungy (coach for the SuperBowl winning Colts) in comparison with Anna Nicole Smith. Who would we rather be around as Christians? Who would we sit beside in church? The comparison could not have been better. It is a burning reminder for me that I need to quit sitting comfortably in my seat and to look around to see people that I can help on a daily basis.

Thanks for all that you guys do at 91.9. You are truly an inspiration for me and a daily encouragement.

Your Brother in Christ,



THis song is also a prime example of how the outside world sees the church and sadley it is the truth. Christians come off as judgmental and only careing about those that are around them and not willing to open their eyes. This song is a wake up call to the Christians, to look outside of your circles and reach out to those who need help rather than gossip about them.


anna nicole smith. when i heard she was dead, the day after all the comotion about her and her baby, i thought somebody had murdered her. the world is so cruel maybe she did. anyway, i love the casting crowns video. it real gives thought about my life. just thought you should know. thanks

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