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Lynda Rutherford

Gary, I heard about the stuffed toys this morning and immediately starting crying. You see, I am a 63 year-old grandmother with a hugh selection of stuffed toys, mostly bears. I have collected them for years. I am also going through the Crown Financial Ministry class at Hickory Grove Baptist Church. I know I put too much value on those bears, so I am sending my collection to those precious children in Iraq. Thank you for the information this morning. God bless, and have a wonderful day.

Asha Dornfest

Thank you so much for letting people know about Edmay's amazing work in Iraq.


Once again thanks so much to Gary and Asha for getting the word out to everyone. How wonderful of you. Thanks a million.

To Lynda - you will never know how much your kind gesture will mean to these precious young children. They melt my heart. They are so appreciative as are their parents and teachers - God bless you and take care. With lots of love, Edmay

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