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Unschooled. Ordinary. Husband, dad, Poppy, brother.

Drank 3 quarts of beer a day for 14 years. But that was a long time ago. You can read a bit of that story on the left -- click on "From Beer to Eternity"

Now experiencing the ongoing, life-changing reality of Jesus Christ.

Married to the lady in the picture for over 30 years.

Loves speaking and writing, but only when he has something to say.

For over 20 years Gary Morland has served churches and radio listeners in Columbia, SC, Detroit MI, Greensboro, NC, and Austin, TX.

He is now Operations Manager and afternoon show host for New Life 91.9 in Charlotte, NC, a radio station that tries to be an example of the life-changing reality of Jesus Christ.

The Scary Hope book is encouragement and inspiration to help you have hope, face fear, and get going. It's free. To see if it might be for you, click the link on the left. You could be reading it in one minute.